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Drake Kicks Off Club Paradise Tour In Concord, CA W/Special Guest The Weeknd & Lil Wayne (Video)

Last night Drake kicked off the third leg of the Club Paradise tour in Concord, California. Aside from the people already on the tour (French Montana, 2chainz, Meek Milll, Waka Flocka), he brought out The Weeknd and Lil Wayne as special guests. It was definitely a night to remember for those in the bay. Also last night, Drake and 2chainz performed “No Lie” for the 1st time together, Drake and Waka performed Round of Applause, Drake and The Weeknd performed Crew Love, Drake and Wayne performed The Motto twice and Drake and French performed Stay Schemin together. Watch the above video to see “No Lie” while after the jump you can catch “Crew Love”,  “Round Of Applause”, “Stay Schemin”, “The Motto” (Part 1 & 2). Irvine you up today, Welcome to Club Paradise.


Crew Love

Round Of Applause

Stay Schemin’

The Motto (1st Time)

The Motto (2nd Time)

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