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Yeezus Addreses Drake RS

Kanye Addresses Drake’s Rolling Stone Interview: “We Love Drake” (Video)

A few days ago Drake was the topic of conversation due to false quotes about ‘Yeezus’ used in his Rolling Stone interview.

A few nights ago scans from Drake’s Rolling Stone article surfaced. One of the quotes from the article that had everybody buzzing was one in which he was reportedly questioning some of the bars used on Kanye‘s ‘Yeezus’ album. The quote had many people wondering if it was accurate due to the way it was written in the article. Drake has since cleared the air and stated that the quote was false. Earlier tonight, Kanye addressed the situation during his show in Newark by talking about how “magazines are always trying to pin niggas against each other.” He then said that he loved Drake and any other artist that puts their heart into the game. Well said, Yeezus. Check out the video at mark 3:25.

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Drake Ross Dunk
  • Kudos to Yeezy for that little song piece

  • I like the rest of the rant too

  • DrOVOandLipstick

    He has church at his Concerts that’s when I don’t go!

  • Janisbeachum

    I love it when a friend show so much love to DRAKE I love you to DRAKE and everything will be ok stay Strong DRIZZY DRAKE God bless you

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